Chapter and Verse
Chapter and Verse, detail
Cold Comforter
Cold Comforter, detail
Attachment Disorder
Attachment Disorder, detail
Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog, detail
Reality Check
Reality Check, detail
Window of Opportunity
Window of Opportunity, detail

Landscape, detail


Wall, detail one (click to enlarge)
Wall, detail two (click to enlarge)
Beyond the Pale
Beyond the Pale, detail
Not Like
Not Like, detail
Brokeade #1
Brokeade #1, detail
Brokeade #2
Brokeade #2, detail
Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss, detail
Nil #2
Nil #2, detail
Mantle, detail
Yoke, detail

(De)portable, detail one (click to enlarge)
(De)portable, detail two (click to enlarge)